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Global Promotion

Globalization Turns the World Visible

Base Infrastructure, Competence and Connections
Integration, Technology, Internet Power

Corporate Social Responsibility, Visibility and Globalization

Progresses in the 70s, 80s and the 90s in each area of IT, Supply Chains, Telecommunications, GSM, GPS, VedioTeleConference, Outsourcing, Insourcing, Offshoring, Work Flow, Re-Processing, Falls of boundaries, access and availability of information are now being integrated. Integration and the Internet power are taking us to a new era. Globalization is the fact of our life. Globalization is here to stay. 

Transferring the abstract ideas of Globalization to practicality is a challenge. It is true that the effect of Globalization is shown in some Countries and not seen in others. It is our believe that visibility in doing Business is the key word for Globalization. 

InterConsult21 believes that Globalization benefits should be tangible to People through World Class Services in World Class City (Cities) by World Class Company (Companies).

InterConsult21 merges the Political and the Organizational visions to the welfare of
the ordinary person.

InterConsult21 believes that
...  Business, People and Cities ... Grow together

a World Class City is not a City with Sky-Scrapers alone! A World Class City must have Base Infrastructure, Competence and Connections within and to the nearby region and the World: 

We assess a World City with the above Copyright 2008 by InterConsult21 21 factors.
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  if you want to assess your City or a City you know well.

InterConsult21 adapts the Soft Values and Corporate Social Responsibility to define a World Class Company. 

Countries ought to take active part in the Globalization efforts or be left behind, isolated and suffering. To take part in Globalization, Countries should focus on People, build its infrastructure to cope with the Macro and Microeconomic internal as well as external forces.
China, India, and Ireland are life examples of going Global. China's growth and productivity "... Richness are Glorious", India's investment in education and intangible dream to go Global and Ireland's frog-leaps in relatively short time are great examples for the benefits of Globalization.   
It is vital to decrease and ease regulations, shortening the process of starting a business, managing and even closing a business rapidly.

Growth and productivity are essentials for playing a role in Globalization.

InterConsult21 believes that visibility and transparency are the solution for Globalization.

Emergences of World Class Services, Cities and Companies are not from vacuum. Governments, Politicians, Business Entrepreneurs ought to strength the visibility of all the activities of Macro, Micro economic forces, Moral and Soft Values in their own Country and abroad. The opportunities lost of not participating in the Globalization Efforts are growth and prosperity. 

Visibility is essential prerequisite for Globalization.
Globalization turns the World Visible.

InterConsult21 Integrated Concept for City Assessments

Politicians Visions and Views for Globalization and United Nations

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Globalization Turns the World Visible
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