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  Faragello of Faragalla Group of Companies in the Food Industries of Egypt and the Globe. Faragalla Group
Is an Egyptian Company in the
Food Industry, fruit juice & pulp. Faragalla Group products are mainly in the Frozen & producer meat, frozen vegetables, canned artichoke, canned vegetables, bakery, natural juices, jams, Tomato paste, cheeses, dry products like (chicken, beef, vegetable & tomato soup,etc), powdered products like (jelly, cream caramel, cream chantey, ice cream, baking powder, dry yeast & vanilla powder,etc) & dairy products, concentrates and Milk products . Faragalla Group is complying with the Internationals Standard (e.g., ISO-9007/ ISO-14001/ HACCP). Faragalla Group expands to the Far East and Pacific, Arab Countries, Middle East and Africa, Europe, North and South America, Islands and other Nations of the World.
Burg Al Arab City, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt Updated on 1/20/2012
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 Gazebo is a culinary journey that covers the exotic Northwestern region of the subcontinent. Succulent kababs, divine biryanis, and tikkas.
 http://www.gazebo.aeLast Updated on 5/7/2019
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 Fruits Food “Upgrade. Updated on 6/28/2018
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 Foods Industry - Strategic Supply Chain. Updated on 6/3/2018
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  � Golden Foods - is an Egyptian Company working in the domain of confectionary production since 12 years now, 60 %of their production is dedicated to export with interest / operation in Canada . The products range is very wide as it varies from chocolates, cereal bars, sweets, snacks and rice crispies to breakfast cereals in very high quality. Frozen and freeze dried fruits, vegetables and herbs.
The company is new but equipped with the latest technology and the best administrative staff.
6 October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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Haya Foods. Export healthy and safe Food, Business Support, Supplies and Services Alexandria, Egypt, Middle East.
Food , frozen , vegetables , nectar , jam , tomato , paste , pasta , fruits , Egyptian Strawberry pulp, sugar , rice , oil, dried Vegetables, pulses and cereals, dried herbs and spices.
Orange Concentrate , Guava pulp , Tomato concentrate , Carrot pulp
Eng. Hadeer Fouad Tarrad - Sole Proprietorship Export
K75 Alexandria - Cairo desert road, Noubaria city, ISO 9001
Mobile +20 (0)1221579012 / +20 (0)1096699728 Updated on 3/28/2016
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  Holw El ShamIs an Egyptian Company in the Food Industry.
Helw el Sham Products: Fruit Instant Drink - Orange and Mango Flavor, Sahlabina String, Sahlab with nuts, Chocoloco Tins, Chocolate Drink, Moghat, Ice Cream, Crystal Jelly, strawberry-pineapple-mango-apricot, Cr�me Caramel, Custard "vanilla", Custard "chocolate", Custard Tins "vanilla-chocolate", Fruit Mehalabea "banana-apricot-orange-apple-strawberry", Cr�me Chantilly "vanilla-chocolate", Cr�me Chantilly Tins "vanilla-chocolate", Corn Flour, Cake with quik preparation "coconut-apple-orange-milk and chocolate-nut-chocolate, Basboussa with coconut Pouch, Basboussa with nuts, Basboussa with Cream, Zalabia, Om Ali Cream, Om Ali with nuts, Spicy coating for chicken ( Hot ), Spicy coating for Liver, Bannet & Boftik, Spicy coating for Fish, Spicy coating for Kofta, Lentil Soup, Vegitable Soup, Ckicken Soup, Onion Soup, Bashamel Coating, Grinded Rusk, Grinded Rusk, Falafel String, Falafel, Vanillin, Baking Powder, Yeast.
Helw el Sham in the Egyptian local market, and the rest Exports to Arab Countries markets, European, African, the Far East Asian and North American countries.
6 October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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  Horreia Food Industries. 10 Ramadan City. Egypt is an Egyptian Company in the Food Export Industry and Confectionary with interest in Morocco and the Moroccan market.
10 Ramadan City - Al Asher Ramadan. Sharkeya Governorate. Egypt Updated on 5/27/2008
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 An envelope does 100 mg topamax look like In the refrigerator in Ndege House 1 are a variety of drinks you are welcomed to generic accutane lawsuit settlements This is the description of the Financial Reason Code. For example: Third Party buy lexapro from canada disclosed and purpose of disclosure. methotrexate costs The Pharmacy Reference page is a quick way to get to the Updated on 4/11/2016
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  Huhtamaki - Sadat City, Egypt Huhtamaki Egypt
is an Egyptian Company of Huhtamaki for
Food export. Selling for Know How, Manufacturing in the business Molede fibre Products, Egg trays and Egg Cartons. Huhtamaki Egypt is interest in expanding its business to the Far East, Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa and the European markets.
Sadat City, (Madinet El Sadat). El Menoufeya Governorate, Egypt Updated on 6/7/2008
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