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 Global Food Industry in 239 Countries.
 http://food.aaagb.bizLast Updated on 6/24/2018
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 jovani food is premier marketer, exporter and world wide distributor of fresh fruits & vegetables products with major emphasis on onions ,potatoes ,Garlic and oranges. We succeed to differentiate ourselves not on size but for our commitment to quality, customer services, and our ability to respond positively to change.
 http://www.jovanifood.comLast Updated on 7/3/2010
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 At Kamat, we believe food is a celebration. Our offering of the widest range of North Indian, South Indian, Jain and Chinese will not only delight your senses but leave you happier too.
 http://kamat.aeLast Updated on 5/7/2019
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  Le Petit Bedon  Le Petit Bedon Restaurant, Grand Place. Brussels - Belgium. Viandes rouges - Poissons - Fruits de mer - Paella. Mixed Grill, Sea Food. Grand Place. Brussels, Belgium. Contact. Updated on 8/27/2008
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  Mo'men Group -
is an Egyptian Company in the Food Industry, Selling, Export Chicken, Beef, Ready Meal, Vegetarian and Seafood Products.
Mo'men Group offers international standards of quality and convenience, produced using the most up to date equipments and technology available worldwide.
Al Obour City. Qalyoubeya Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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  New Marina Plast - is Registered in Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa - Egypt - Alexandria in the business of Plast products.
New Marina Plast is the leader in manufacturing PET Preforms. We are the first to produce food & paint packages using IML technology in Egypt. New Marina Plast Co. , Selling, Import, Export for Manufacturing the business PET Preforms, IML Packages, Closures & crates.
Burg Al Arab City, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt Updated on 5/28/2008
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  Obour Land for Food Industry - is an Egyptian Company in the Food Industry that manufacture cheese, milk processed cheese, stabilizers feta istanbuli and nesto. Obour Land has interest / operation in France. Al Obour City. Qalyoubeya Governorate, Egypt Updated on 5/28/2008
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 Safety Misr. 10 Ramadan City. Egypt. Specialized Food Industries, is an Egyptian Company in the business of food business and industry mainly in the areas of: Diet & diabetic food stuff (Jams, Juice, Sweeteners, Rice & Macaroni). Jams & Juice.
10 Ramadan City - Al Asher Ramadan. Sharkeya Governorate. Egypt Updated on 5/28/2008
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 Restaurant and delishop
 http://strandporten.shopLast Updated on 11/27/2019
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 We supply all kind of Equipment and Spare Parts, Food Grade Cling Film, Poultry Absorbent Pads, Cooling Pads, Sugar, Rice and Spices in Saudi Arabia, GCC Countries and the Arab World.
 http://mks-international.t4.comLast Updated on 4/11/2016
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