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  Mo'men Group -
is an Egyptian Company in the Food Industry, Selling, Export Chicken, Beef, Ready Meal, Vegetarian and Seafood Products.
Mo'men Group offers international standards of quality and convenience, produced using the most up to date equipments and technology available worldwide.
Al Obour City. Qalyoubeya Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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  Nassar Plastic and Pipe FactoriesNassar Plastic and Pipe Factories  Nassar Plastic and Pipe Factories, is an Egyptian Specialized Manufacturing Company in the Plastic Industry for wide ranges of PVC Pipes and fittings for water supply, irrigation and water sewerage with interest / operation in Egypt and interest in the Middle East, African and East European (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan) Market. Contact. Updated on 9/23/2008
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  Norwood Can - is an Egyptian Manufacturing Company, for Printing and Manufacturing of Tin Cans and Twist off Caps. Norwood Can producing high quality tin can for petroleum companies like: ESSO, MOBIL and SHELL for products like engine oil and lubricants. Today we are considered the leader in tin cans in Egypt. Norwood Can has interest / operation in Egypt and expansion to the markets of Far East, Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa.
Al Obour City. Qalyoubeya Governorate, Egypt Updated on 6/5/2008
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  NTS-National-Travel-Service-Group-Egypt NTS National Travel Service Group Egypt, 1989, . Floating Hotels and Nile Cruise. Transportation, Resort, Quick Trip to Alexandria | Portsaid | Safaga | Sharm el Sheikh. Egypt. Contact Updated on 8/11/2008
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  Pearl Glass Co. - - Glass Ware Manufacturing, is an Egyptian Company in the Glass Manufacturing Business that uses the pressing and blowing glass technology to produce Glass Table Ware (Tumblers, Boowls, Cups, Mugs Plain and Decorated up to 6 colours, include gold).
Pearl Glass Co., is Registered in Egypt with interest / operation in the markets of North America, Europe, Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa.
6 October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt Updated on 6/5/2008
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is an Egyptian Manufacturing Company in the area of: Decorative Lighting Chandeliers, Table lamp, Floor lamp, Pendants, Wall lamp, Picture lamp, Bathroom lamp, Style team lighting and Style team Egypt..
Styleteam has interest to expand to the Far East and Pacific, Arab Countries, Middle East and Africa, Europe, North and South America, Islands and other Nations of the World.
6 October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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Companies in
Tunis with Global Profile
. Updated on 6/29/2013
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 National Reach - Recently Visited Country Updated on 6/29/2013
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  Islamic Countries Updated on 6/29/2013
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Speaking Country Arabic Updated on 6/29/2013
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