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 M6.Net provides reliable, affordable and flexible windows ASP.Net hosting since 1997. Get the most flexible and abundant hosting plans for resellers who want the flexibility of the Windows platform to offer PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, SQL Server & MySQL technology.
 http://www.m6.netLast Updated on 4/11/2016
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  Nasr Modern Agriculture Company - Bio Egypt Farms. Sadat City (BiO-EGYPT Farms). Nasr Modern Agriculture Company is an Egyptian Company in the business of Agriculture and Modern Organic Farms Industry that is specialized in Organic Table Grapes, Oranges and Mango fruits. Organic Farms Industry, uses organic agriculture technology to protect people and environment from� harmful chemical fertilizers
Sadat City, (Madinet El Sadat). El Menoufeya Governorate, Egypt Updated on 5/29/2010
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  FUTEK Sadat City Egypt is an Egyptian Company in the business of Manufacturing, Design, Consulting, Energy study and audit, of all products related to Energy Saving within Lighting Technology.
Sadat City, (Madinet El Sadat). El Menoufeya Governorate, Egypt
 http://www.futeklighting.comLast Updated on 5/27/2008
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  � Golden Foods - is an Egyptian Company working in the domain of confectionary production since 12 years now, 60 %of their production is dedicated to export with interest / operation in Canada . The products range is very wide as it varies from chocolates, cereal bars, sweets, snacks and rice crispies to breakfast cereals in very high quality. Frozen and freeze dried fruits, vegetables and herbs.
The company is new but equipped with the latest technology and the best administrative staff.
6 October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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  Mo'men Group -
is an Egyptian Company in the Food Industry, Selling, Export Chicken, Beef, Ready Meal, Vegetarian and Seafood Products.
Mo'men Group offers international standards of quality and convenience, produced using the most up to date equipments and technology available worldwide.
Al Obour City. Qalyoubeya Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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  New Marina Plast - is Registered in Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa - Egypt - Alexandria in the business of Plast products.
New Marina Plast is the leader in manufacturing PET Preforms. We are the first to produce food & paint packages using IML technology in Egypt. New Marina Plast Co. , Selling, Import, Export for Manufacturing the business PET Preforms, IML Packages, Closures & crates.
Burg Al Arab City, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt Updated on 5/28/2008
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  Pearl Glass Co. - - Glass Ware Manufacturing, is an Egyptian Company in the Glass Manufacturing Business that uses the pressing and blowing glass technology to produce Glass Table Ware (Tumblers, Boowls, Cups, Mugs Plain and Decorated up to 6 colours, include gold).
Pearl Glass Co., is Registered in Egypt with interest / operation in the markets of North America, Europe, Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa.
6 October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt Updated on 6/5/2008
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 Protein Laboratories Rehovot (PLR) founded by Professor Arieh Gertler and produces biologically active recombinant proteins, cytokines and their soluble receptors, expression plasmids and pegylation services.
 http://www.plr-ltd.comLast Updated on 4/18/2011
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 A-PLUS was founded and located in the north of Egypt , 80 km to north Cairo We are producers in the field of polyester filler and coating for body shops car repairs and industries. Our present and future objectives are aimed to increase the range of our products and to improve even more their quality. Also, we take care of the technology of the machinery in our laboratories.
 http://aplus4putty.en.ecplaza.netLast Updated on 7/3/2010
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 We, as Technology Translation Group for translation services (TechnoGroup), have a group of the first class translators working around the clock in Egypt as well as in many other countries to provide you with top quality translation services from and into most of all living languages and we use only professional human translators for all translation documents and all works are undertaken by skilled, and qualified translators.
 http://www.technogroupegypt.comLast Updated on 3/7/2011
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