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  HYGADE ApS - is a Danish Company in the Consulting of Cosmetic Business with interest / operation and special interest in the Scandinavian markets, Europe and North America. Product development, Safety assessment of Cosmetics, Management, Efficiency in product development and communications, Hygiene, education of cosmetics chemists. Assens, Fyn and Region South. Denmark Updated on 3/2/2017
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 IIIC - International Investment and Innovation Company
Located in Astana, the Capital City of Kazakhstan, IIIC - International Investment and Innovation Company is interest to cooperate with Far East and Pacific, Europe, North and South America. Astana. Kazakhstan Updated on 6/5/2008
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 InterConsult21 - Local, National Global Business-2-Business InterConsult21 is a Global Company in the integration of Business-2-Business Consulting and Marketing. InterConsult21 is the developer and owner of a turnkey Integrated Concept that targets the needs for Online Business-2-Business for Small, Middle and Big size Company as well as Non Profit Organizations in in the 239 Countries of Far East Australia and New Zealand, Arabic Countries Middle East and Africa, Europe, USA, Canada, North and South America and Islands and other Nations. InterConsult21 believes Globalization ought to benefit the human being. Globalization is the result and the creator of World Class Services in World Class City by World Class Company.
InterConsult21 is adapting the United Nations 10 Principles for Global Impact and act as active partner in promoting the principles through our Concept. InterConsult21
 http://www.interconsult21.comLast Updated on 4/24/2014
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is an
Egyptian Consulting and Manufacturing Company for Anthracite coal and Ferro-Alloys with interest / operation in all Countries, specially:
I.C.C attributes a lot of significance to quality control of the coal exported. The high quality of our coal delivered has been attested to be delivered by international independent surveyors who provide the chemical analysis of the coal. Along the whole way of coal delivery from the company to a consignee the supervision and control are provided by the leading international surveyors in accordance with the standards applied all over the world (ISO, ASTM, GOST). International Coke & Ferro-Alloys is expanding to the Far East and Pacific, Arab Countries, Middle East and Africa, Europe, North and South America, Islands and other Nations of the World.
Burg Al Arab City, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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  Kazareen - is an Egyptian Textile Company in the business of Knitted and Woven Clothes with interest / operation in USA, Canada, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, China, Bangladesh and Cambodia.
6 October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt Updated on 5/27/2008
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  LifeCare - , is an Egyptian specialized company in producing all kinds of operative line of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary, Electro-surgical Instruments as well as Halloware. LifeCare ability to supply any instrument according to any international reference catalogue makes it a unique Global Manufacturing and service provider. 6 October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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 Marriott Cairo Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino Marriott Cairo Hotel, of the Marriott World Class Hotels Chainchain of Hotels is one of the best World Class Hotels for Tourism and Business Meetings, family, children. Located in Zamalek, Marriott Hotel offering the River Nile's views and panorama, spacious rooms, activities, shopping areas, swimming pools, casino, business lounge and business center. Contact. Updated on 5/7/2019
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  Mo'men Group -
is an Egyptian Company in the Food Industry, Selling, Export Chicken, Beef, Ready Meal, Vegetarian and Seafood Products.
Mo'men Group offers international standards of quality and convenience, produced using the most up to date equipments and technology available worldwide.
Al Obour City. Qalyoubeya Governorate, Egypt Updated on 2/15/2009
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 All the year around Winter and Summer Holiday.
Mondi Holiday Bellevue - Bad Gastein. Austria is an Austrian Hotel and Resort in Bad Gastein - Austria - Europe.
Mondi Holiday Bellevue offers a magnificent panorama to Bad Gastein City at the heart of Alpens Mountains in Austria. Mondi is very attractive holiday for adults and children. Mondi's kitchen, Restaurant and bars are great source for relaxing and enjoying the well famous Austrian tradition. The Resort has many features for its visitors. Mondi Hotel is serving visitors from Europe, Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa, Far East, North and South America. Contact.
 http://www.mondiholiday.deLast Updated on 5/28/2008
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  NTS-National-Travel-Service-Group-Egypt NTS National Travel Service Group Egypt, 1989, . Floating Hotels and Nile Cruise. Transportation, Resort, Quick Trip to Alexandria | Portsaid | Safaga | Sharm el Sheikh. Egypt. Contact Updated on 8/11/2008
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