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 TRIARH Consultancy was formed in 1997. The Partners and Associates which make up our team have expertise in a wide range of management functions including strategic planning, marketing, sales, production, change management and crisis management. Development of franchising systems. Our experience comes from inside, the work for international western companies in the top management positions, as well as from outside, managing and consultancy work for Ukrainian, Russian and foreign companies. Our clients are dynamic, growing companies. They have ambitious goals relating to market penetration and economic achievement. We have considerable understanding of what goes on inside such fast growing and ambitious companies as well as the impact on such companies of the constantly changing external environment. In fact ambitious assignments are taken on reflect the nature of our consultancy. We are constantly adapting to the requirements of the outside world as well as to the needs of our clients.
 http://www.triarh.comLast Updated on 8/12/2008
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