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  I am a certified Egyptian translator who had had her elementary, intermediate and high school education in a British school( holding I.G.C.S.E),and was graduated at faculty of Arts , Cairo university , Egypt. Holding a bachelor degree with a good grade(2 Bachelor Degrees from faculty of tourism and hotels and faculty of arts and linguistics) and succeeded in maintaining high grades in all the translation- related subjects along with other post graduate specialized translation diplomas , I had successfully joined the Egyptian Translators Association ( Egyta ), the most reputable translation association in Egypt.At present,I am obtaining a master of arts in linguistics and translation from Ain Shams university.Following my graduation I was employed as a translator in a well- known and reputable translation agency in Egypt called Al Manar and an online translator for a multi national cosmetic company in Hong Kong, where I had gained a sound knowledge of every field in various business fields due to my work on translating different subjects.I live currently in Egypt . Updated on 3/16/2017 7:58:57 PM

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