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InterConsult21 links the World together and makes it possible to do straight Business-2-Business professionally.
Any Company or Organization in any Business, Service in any City in any Country in the World can establish contact and Business in its field of Business or Service in its target geographical marketing segment locally, nationally and globally.

Our Concept is best suitable to:

Companies and Organizations that want to market their products / services in the local, national or global market.

We serve both those who offer their products and services to any target market in the world and those who seek specific products and services from any authentic Company or Organization from any place in the world.
You can be a member if you are offering your products or services and if you are seeking products or services.

We do marketing research before we invite Companies and Organizations to our Concept. Furthermore, we issue an Authentic Certificate for our members.
We screen those that falls out of our scope. back

Visibility Scope:
We increase your visibility in your Business and Services. We also increase your visibility in your own City and Country. For the Global Package, we increase your visibility in your City, Country, Countries and listed Cities.


Find Business-2-Business from Chocolate to Project Management with ever increased keywords. back

VERY AFFORDABLE starting from 10 EU a month renewable.
We are using a secure Credit Card Payment System that is guaranteed by International known Banks.
We use PayPal
to save time. Checkout securely and to Pay without sharing your financial information.
You can use our Bank info if you dislike the Credit Card Payment.

How can we increase your visibility and Business-2-Business? Illustration:

We are a Company owner in China and we want to do business with Egypt in the Food Industry. Can you help? YES back

We are a Company in Zambia can you tell us who is interested in doing business in our Country? YES back

We are a Company in Plastic Production and we want to expand our market to Senegal. Can we add Ads about our Company in Senegal? YES back

We are a Company owner in Kuwait and we want to have business with Sea Food.
Can you help us? YES. SeaFood. Can we find SeaFood Producers who wants to do business in Kuwait. Yes

Can we find Investors / Investment Plans? YES back

We are commercial Company in Norway and we would like to get in touch with foreign Companies who seek business in the Norwegian’s market. Can you help? YES back

We are in the Transport business from Alexandria and would like to contact Companies that want to export to Tunisia  Only Egyptian Companies. Yes. back

We are a Company in USA and want to import vegetables to our Country. Can you help? Yes back

We want to export tuna. Can you help? YES back

 Our Business back


You must be a Company, Organization or Non Profit Organization to list your Company with us.

Not Ethic Conduct

We do not accept any Web that has sex, gambling, porno and or any not ethical conduct.


We do not accept MLM or Networking based Entrepreneurs
Links that are falling within that categories will not be listed.

Your Identity

We check your Identity and may ask you for confirmation.


We do not use Cloaking tricks and we will disregard your Web if it contains such fooling mechanism

Links Farm

We do not accept Farm Links or in fact any Link that has nothing to do with our Business.


We are not in any way held responsible for the Content of our members Webs or their Company Profile with us.


You should check our List for Authentic Companies before contacting them.

Contact us

We do not have e-mail addresses on our Web pages.
You can reach us by Phone at Regional Basis as mention in the following link. You can email us at:
 contact-AT-glooobi.com  PLEASE Copy and Paste and Replace -AT- with @


We encourage FIGHTING SPAM.
If you send us SPAM, we will trace you and contact your Server Provider for proper action.

Black ListStat

We reserve the right to maintain a Black List that warns our members against Fraud.

Your advantage with us back

Your Advantage
- Your Info
We do Not hide your information in closed fashion traditional directory. Potential Customers should not pay to find you. At the same time, Potential Customer must have guarantee that you are Real Company. Our Authentic approach is very important solution to you.

- Company Profile
We deliver an optimized Company Profile. The profile is integrated in your Business as well as logical and physical placement of your Company.

- Visibility
Your Webs visibility will be improved regardless of your layout. Beautiful Web design that are normally based on figures are not positioned well. With our approach, we dramatically improve the visibility of your Company.

- News Letter
You can send any news on regular or extra ordinary basis to our Global Companies and members. This certainly will boost your sale

- Communicating your Business to the World
You communicate your Business-2-Business needs locally, nationally or / and globally.
The integration of our Search Engine with our Infrastructure enables browsers to find your Company from any where.

Contact Us

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